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and are likely to remain ine dark for days. new york city is slowly rebounding....but mass trant problems and power loss is l hampering the recovery. as you can imagine.. traffis terrible.. many subways are still underwater.. leaving residents forced to drive or cram onto a limited supply f buses. a quarter of a millin people are still without por in the city.. and tonight's knicks..nets nba opener hsan postponed.. but this weeke's new york marathon is still . the storm has campaign organizers on the east racio get polling places ready bee tuesday.. meanwhile.. the candidates are back on the campaign trail in full forc. just five days before the bg election.. the president is still dealg with sandy.. but he and mitt romney are putting their fos back on key battleground sts they hope to carry on tuesd. in virginia, polls show romy has cut the president's lean that state to just two poin. romney will spend his entiry paul is showing romney has cut the lead in that state to two points. romney will spend his entire day in the state of virginia and the president will hit wisconsin, colorado an
trees and power lines in new york city. the nor'easter brought heavy winds, rain and snow to an area trying desperately to pick up the pieces from superstorm sandy. along the storm ravaged jersey shore, the second blast is like another punch to the gut. >> it won't end now. i just want it to be over. >> reporter: wednesday's storm knocked out power to nearly 300,000 additional homes and businesses in the new york city- new jersey metro areas. many had just gotten their lights on like joe. his family spent a week in the dark before getting power back yesterday. >> it was great. watching tv. get on the computer, things you used to do. >> reporter: only to have the lights go out again four hours later. >> i had a sense, we're going to lose power. i just had a feeling. >> reporter: sandy victims here in rockaway beach where there is no power are using generators to charge their phones. in areas where sandy hit the hardest, the last thing victims needed was to put recovery efforts on hold because of the latest storm. >> this set us back probably a day. i thought we would probably have eve
. those crews have restored electricity to all of connecticut and less than 20,000 customers in new york city are still in the dark. >>> and thanks to you folks here in the bay area, we are sitting at nearly $135,000 to the region for red cross relief. our telethon yesterday was a huge success and you can donate if you'd like to at our web site >>> we need your help planning a holiday meal on a budget, how you can give it a shot coming up. >>> the results were shock but a positive pregnancy test for a teenage boy could have a major effect on men's health all over the world. >>> i'm lawrence karnow, and we started out with showers in the early morning and things are breaking up a bit but we may have more showers on the way, we'll talk about that coming up. >>> and why would anybody want to end up in the chilly waters of macove cove, why you won't want to miss this. ,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuse
, new york city mayor michael bloomberg asked mr. obama not to come because the presidential visit would use up too many resources. well, now frustrated residents say they hope his visit will speed up the recovery process. more than two weeks later thousands are still without power and heat. 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help. >>> unemployment requests are at their highest level in 18 months. possibly due to superstorm sandy 439,000 people seeking help. people can claim unemployment if their workplace is closed and they don't get paid. >>> well, michelle, here's good news. drivers can expect a dip in prices at bay area gas stations in the next couple of weeks. aaa says the seasonal switch from the summer to winter blends helps drive down gas prices. drivers are paying an average $3.98 a gallon around the bay area. shows san mateo with the lowest price in the bay at $3.65 a gallon. we have you covered for the cheapest gas prices near you. go to just enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. >>> everything back to normal a
in new york city giving a barefoot man a new pair of boots. it's received a half million likes on the facebook page. the officer keeps the receipt with him to remind him there are always people who need help. >>> all this rain is damaging homes and cars across the bay area and with another storm brewing there is no doubt there's a lot more to come. flooding and falling debris can cost you a lot especially if you're not properly insured. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what you need to do to minimize your losses. >> reporter: he is trying to stay one step ahead of the storm. a decision don fielding hopes to pay off. >> i thought it was cleaner than it is. >> reporter: with powerful storms expected to pound streets and tear up trees it's time for homeowners to be pro- active. >> best advice is to make sure your home is ready for the next storm. >> reporter: an insurance industry spokesman says if you expect your insurance to cover storm damage, your insurance company expects to you put in some prep work. >> one of the things you have to remember is that an insur
monster energy drinks are safe for kids. according to the "new york times," city attorney dennis herrera has sent a letter to monster beverage demanding the company substantiate claims made in advertising that large daily doses of monster energy were okay for teenagers and adults. in a statement monster said the company can document it's products or properly labeled dietary supplements and third party scientific documentation substantiates their safety. several members of congress have asked the fda now to take action on energy drink safety. >>> a big push to get more hispanics students thinking about college is happening today in the east bay. 400 high school students networked with business and community leaders at diablo valley college this morning for the annual narrowing the gap conference. >> and now what you see is a group of young people who say i'm ready to go. the difference is the attitude of the students, families and of the community that we want these children to prosper and to succeed. >> our very own roberta gonzales was the keynote speaker. she was the first person among
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6